the story

The idea of Convict Fitness (ConFIT)
started from a prison yard.

It was a way to form a community of like-minded inmates to use training as a means to be positive and free while in a negative environment. In prison there’s a great wealth of raw fitness knowledge that gets passed down. It is refined from generation to generation not just on the physical aspect but around mindset.

Now as free men we are able to offer the same concept of community and mindset, to help people break free from societies prisons through fitness.

In Australia, there are around 44,000 inmates. It costs taxpayers on average $110,000 to house one inmate in prison each year. The recidivism statistics shows that nearly 1 in 2 inmates will re-offend and return to prison within the first two years of their release. We live in a divided society and our preconceived notions of ex-inmates have made it extremely difficult for re-integration. This stigma, along with many other factors, is creating a revolving door back into correctional centres. This is a social issue that needs to be addressed and our plan is to bridge this gap through fitness.

ConFit’s mission is to break down societies negative stereotyping and provide a platform where inmates as trainers can interact with the community through fitness. We are not just about great training. We are about creating second chances for ex-inmates to give back to their communities.