Human connection and community

Joe Kwon
April 9th, 2018

Humans were designed to connect with one another and to belong to a community. I spent 3 months alone in a segregation cell and during that time every fibre of my being craved to connect with another human being. I truly understood the value of human connection. When I was released back into the main prison population my mission was to form a group of people where we could stay positive in such a negative environment through fitness.

When I was released into the wider Australian community, I used the same concept which I used in prison to bring people together from all walks of life through the love of fitness, and that’s how ConFit outdoor fitness was born.

During these uncertain times where we are so disconnected and isolated from human connection, my mission from the prison yard to form fitness communities has not changed. Pivoting online and creating online fitness communities is our next move in human connection. I am honored that I can now do things like connect two sisters from opposite sides of the world through our live prison fit classes.

Be a part of this community be prison fit.

Joe Kwon

Founder and head trainer at ConFit.