a note from founder joe kwon on covid-19 and community.

Humans were designed to connect with one another and to belong to a community. I spent 3 months alone in a segregation cell and during that time every fibre of my being craved to connect with another human being. READ MORE.

Confit philosophy

Like the Ying & Yang, we practise a hard and soft approach to our training. In the yard the training was hard but the majority of our time was spent in our cells left with nothing but time and our thoughts to reflect. Just like how it was in prison we use this same concept in our training. We start with an intense session then wind down with a 15min G-Code stretch.

The training

ConFit training is prison fitness knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation and designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolicrate, strength, and endurance while in a online community environment.

The 60min workout broken down:
-10min Mobility warm up
-35min Functional prison style workouts
-15min G Code/ stretch

the G Code

As inmates we lived by a certain 'Code' in prison but now as free men we live by a new code 'The G-Code'.
While in a place of such negative energy such as prison, the only way to stay positive was to be grateful for what we had and not what we didn’t, to set goals for our freedom and to be grounded in the present moment to better ourselves. Whether in prison or not, these principles can be applied to anyone, and our trainers take you through a mindset hack that was born through personal experiences.