Joe Kwon

Joe spent 9 years in prison and during his incarceration he met a billionaire cell mate who not only taught him the value of education and business, but around developing a positive mindset. While he was locked away he was able to test the limits of the body through improvising and formulating ways to train in confined spaces like his prison cell. Joe was able to guide many inmates to use training as a tool to build not just a strong body but to have the right mindset in prison through the 3G’s. Upon his release Joe became a part of an MBA program at UNSW where he developed ConFit to become a social enterprise with the mission to reduce recidivism and to enrich the lives of the disadvantaged through fitness. Joe maintains his philosophy of using training as a mindset tool to be a gateway to other areas of life. Qualifications: Bodyweight training and strength and conditioning coach, Tae-Kwon-Do Black belt 2nd Dan, Level 2 Boxing Coach, Certified personal trainer, Confined space training specialist.