Wayne Cleveland

Maroubra Beach in the 80’s was a rough and uncompromising environment to grow up in. As a talented surfer, Wayne was able to move from the situation he was in by putting all his efforts and energy into becoming a professional surfer venturing to new parts of the world chasing monster waves. On his return to Maroubra he found the highs of surfing big waves around the globe were hard to replicate and he turned to the rush of criminal activity to maintain the same rush. This lifestyle eventually caught up with him and served 10 years in prison. Spending time in jail gave him a chance to reflect, get extremely fit and come out the other side mentally stronger. Wayne is one of the toughest blokes around and this is reflected in his delivery of training. Wayne’s upbringing and experience as a pro big wave surfer has equipped him with the tools to help others overcome fear and to break through the barriers. Certified trainer, Level 2 boxing coach, Pro big wave surfer.